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A Passion for Pictures

Before being known as GloccTv, I was known as Na’Sier Bush, the football player who went and played college football in Buffalo. Heavily invested into my football career & took pride in it! As dreams & hopes emerged of making it into the pro league of football, I’ve always found myself trying different hobbies out in between ! By the age of 19 in 2019 , I decided I wanted to ride motorcycles. Suzuki Sv650 to begin with & down the line a (Gsxr 750 , Kawasaki voyager 1200 , and Suzuki Vstrom 650). During the month of November,2020 , I was riding home on my 1 year anniversary , when a reckless driver jumped lanes on the highway and struck me at a high rate of speed , leaving me with a spinal injury & a shattered ankle. While in the hospital, I was introduced to Tiktok and started following the waves of the app and wanted to make videos just to make my time at the hospital worth it! Few weeks down the line I was leaving the hospital & figured I’d purchase a camera to start doing videos. I needed up purchasing a brand new Canon Eos T7 from Best Buy & it began from there! I was learning the camera and knew I could benefit from having one in manyWays. I had Metal Exfix on my leg , but it didn’t stop me from trying something new and going out to take picture! Few months down the line , I was in Times Square everyday , showcasing my skills with my camera and that’s when I knew it was time to settle down, open my business and transition myself into the photography world!Now today I am known as GloccTv, The Photographer out of NewYork!